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Question 1 – What does 2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers offer?

2ndopinonnow Solicitors & Barristers offers legal advice in the traditional sense and alternatively by way of a written opinion from a specialist Barrister quickly and efficiently and most importantly, conveniently.  Through this second option 2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers aims to provide an answer to your problems without you leaving your home.  2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers offer a second opinion where professionals were already instructed and also crucially a first opinion where no one has yet been consulted.  Uniquely due to our special agreement with Barristers we have agreed preferential rates of business which are, generally, lower than the average cost that would normally be charged.

Following on from your written advice, should you wish to pursue your matter then 2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers (regulated by the SRA) through our specialist team of legal experts will be able to fight your case.  

Question 2 – What is meant by Barrister?

Barristers are trained specialist Advocates who are usually seen in Court wearing wigs and gowns.  They practice not only in the criminal Courts but also in the commercial Courts, Matrimonial Courts and other specialist Courts.  Barristers can range from those who are newly qualified right the way through to those who are recognized for their expertise in any area; similar to a Consultant by way of their reference of Queens Counsel or QC.  We have agreed preferential rates with many of the very best Barristers in the country who are ready to advise you on your particular problem.  

Question 3 – What is the difference between a Barrister and a Solicitor?

Solicitors are perhaps best described by way of reference to the medical professional by way of being GP’s. Above them you would have the registrars in a hospital which would be akin to the normal Barristers who would vary in degree of seniority, right the way through to Consultants who would be similar to the QC’s.  In order to understand this difference you will note that there are over 130,000 Solicitors in England and Wales but there are only approximately 15,000 Barristers.  In addition to this out of those 15,000 Barristers there are in the region of 1500 QC’s.  

At 2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers you can get the advice from a Barrister directly through our service.

Question 4 – But if I have a problem how will I know whether to use a newly qualified Barrister or a QC?

The cost of using a QC is much greater than the cost of using a newly qualified Barrister.  Our online price grid tells you the price of each Barrister in your chosen category of law.  The costs of using them vary.  Accordingly you will need to decide on how much money you wish to spend to obtain an Advice which may vary given the complexity of your particular problem.  Remember Barristers are specially trained so offer specialist advice regardless of their seniority. You choose the seniority, dependant on your budget.

Question 5 – How quickly will I receive the written reply if I decide to use 2ndOpinionNow service?

The standard advice takes 7 business days from receipt of your problem.  This allows proper time for careful consideration and drafting.  A more expedited service however is available which provides an advice within 4 business days.  There is an additional charge for this which can be seen on our price grid.


Question 6 – Could I not go a Barrister direct?

Yes you can, but only if they are allowed to deal with the public directly.  Even then you will need to find a Barrister yourself who is prepared to take your case, whereas, we use our existing panel.  Further, the cost may be greater.

Question 7 – I have seen lots of advertisements on TV and heard them on the radio or even seen them in the newspaper where there are offers for free initial consultations.  If the consultations are free, why should I pay to get an opinion from 2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers?

In life you get what you pay for.  Accordingly, many of the free consultations are conducted by way of telephone, by claim handlers.  These are not necessarily legally qualified professionals.  Even if a free consultation by a qualified professional is offered it is not necessarily conducted by a senior member of staff and may in fact be carried out by a trainee or Clerk.  Even if a Solicitor for example, does see you they may only be able to provide some basic advice on what you have said there and then.  They are not likely to provide  you with much advice.  With us you get a written advice, to take away with you.

Remember the convenience of using our written advice service is crucial, as opposed to making an appointment to go and see a Solicitor as it means that you do not have to take time off work or try and find a suitable appointment.  This may be a cost saving.  

In short therefore the 2ndOpinionNow service is designed to offer you access to the top legal minds who can provide a written advice as to the merits of your legal problem.  Having received your advice, should you wish to pursue your matter then our experienced legal team will help you.

Question 8 – What areas do you cover?

2ndOpinionNow Solicitors & Barristers aim to cover all areas of legal problems.  We have set up different pages to deal with each area of law.  You should hopefully be able to find the area of law that you need with the additional aide of specimen examples. You can also use our internal search engine by typing in key words.  If, however, you fail to find the appropriate page for yourself, there is a default section which allows you to complete the generic page setting out your problem.  We would then be able to take that, analyse it and forward it onto the appropriate Barrister specialising in that particular area.  

Question 9 – So how does the site work?

Under each area of advice you will find some specimen bullet points telling you the type of information that we need.  Next to that will be at least one example if not more of the type of problem that may occur and the type of advice that the Barrister would provide.

These can be printed off for you to consider so that you know how to properly draft your own problem.  Next you type in your problem and then select the speed for the advice whether it be the standard 7 day service or the expedited 4 day service.  The legal advices are set at a level of Category 1 Barrister, but you can choose a higher category right up to QC (Queen’s Counsel) level.   You then submit your legal issue together with your credit or debit card details.  We will then instruct a Barrister who will prepare and send your advice.  It will be sent to you and you will be given the opportunity to meet your Barrister.

Question 10 – How would you describe yourselves in a few sentences?

We are a unique Solicitors practice based in Central London which is run by 2 QC’s and a Solicitor.  As part of our service we aim to offer our customers the ability to obtain a written advice from a Barrister without leaving home and at a fixed price.  In this regard we aim to be the most efficient, convenient and price competitive website for the provision of advice from Barristers.